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If you cancel your program and get a refund back do you send the books back as well? or do you keep them?
I'm currently working in a clinic pre-practicum (hired in as a kennel tech/assistant)... I basically assist the techs and vets with anything they need, as well as pretty much any other staff. Today I…
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This is one of the elements of wedding planning I'm most concerned about. It'd be nice if we got at least an introductory lesson on how to write them.
I've been going through these lessons with generally no problems but it seems that the further and further I get into all the aspects of a wedding, the lessons seem to be leaving out important…
Matters Most
It's 4:12AM CST.  Time seem to fly.  In my life, it seems, not like, somebody has been following me and has been causing havoc in my life with other people.  I do not push buttons all day long or decide on the real, true rads.  I have my own skin color, enough brown to know why brown, enough blackISH to know why blackISH and enough protruding lips to know what it means.

I'm so proud of myself I doing really good on my exams

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