Webinar Attendance Requirements: Students in the 1st year (1st & 2nd semester) of the Vet Tech Program are no longer required to attend webinars for an attendance grade.  It is HIGHLY recommended…
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Hello everyone.   I hope everyone is doing well. I recently started the pharmacy tech. Program . I was wondering if anyone was intrested in having a study buddy or motivator. I know sometimes I need…
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Hey guys! im thinking to make a pharmacy technician study group for all the students who just started, it could be on facebook or something. if your interested, reply to this post and we could make…
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"Do the thing, and you will have the power."  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Good morning everybody!!!  Let's make it a great day!!!
Is anyone enrolled in semester 5.
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Hello, I am Kim. I am in the Vet Tech Program because I love to help animals in need. I am currently working at a Vet Clinic as a Vet Assistant and just wanted to move on up to a Technician.
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I am not sure if anyone will need this, but I found a few occasions where I wanted my own worksheet to fill in, so I made this.  Hopefully someone else may find it useful. I also have a few more of…
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Gerard Way is 38...... Kellin Quinn is 29... Vic Fuentes is 32....

Lemme ask this....

Why Do NONE of them look their age ;-; This isn't far to the teenage fans around the world.
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