Do you like what you did to me? Abused me, mistreated me, is this what you wanted me to be? Im scared, i have no one to run to. Try running in my shoes. Im lying here wondering what happened. I…
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Did someone punch me in the thigh while I was sleeping? Because this mysterious bruise that showed up hurts like the dickens! :(
I am in the process of finishing my HVAC course but am also working as a Production Mechanic. I am having problems with my York Chiller which is owned by Johnson Controls but can not find a way to…
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Hi! My names Justin and I just wanted to take the time to introduce myself and express how much I appreciate this program. I was kicked out of high school during the 9th grade due to emotional and…
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Are there any exams in my American History course that I can take that only require the digital study guides? I'm waiting on my materials and wanted to know if there was any part of the course I…
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So I will start it: The first movie that comes to your can be anything.. my choose: Wrong Turn ! Share this with others please? bannalee19
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Movies I've watched so far today...."Jack the Giant Slayer", "Love and Honor", "I Am Number Four", and "Man of Steel" :) 4 down and a heck of a lot more to go! :D
I am king Drakefirex.       I am currently recruiting members: Needed: Knights,Blacksmiths,Archers,Cooks,Scouts, and Trackers.   Post a comment if you are interested in joining              …
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I'm so hungry!!!! :( Oh Chinese food where are you?? 
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