Starting my final course, Child Day Care. Almost done with senior year!
Everyone write the first song that pops into your head! Mine is "I Want To Know What Love Is" by Foreigner lol
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Choose a color that best suits your personality and describe why. Post a photo that displays your color
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I am so happy word cant explain... I just got my High School Diploma In the mail and I have to say I this will truly be a new beginning for me and my family. I am a mother of four I am 24 years of…
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I can finally call myself a Penn Foster Graduate.  I started with the program since July, and I finished with my courses yesterday (11/12/14).  In addition, I got accepted at Chattanooga State…
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I am going to for Medical Assisting but I just was curious about what everyone else was doing?
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Finally, Been rough in and out of hospital and other hurdles but I finally did it and got my final grade last night for DOG OBEDIENCE INSTRUCTOR CAREER DIPLOMA~~
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Can you name a famous business brand from A to Z (sorry no logos this time)...whether it be apparel, footwear, food & beverage, car industry etc..have fun!   Applebee's
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I missed a webinar! Is there a way to catch up on it??? Does it count against me or is it more of a study tool????? I think I may have a aneurysm now Lol...........Im new to this whole thing. Just…
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