I haven't been in school for about 5 years, I honestly forgot the proper ways to study. I read through the course study packet but I'll forget a lot of things, then when I focus on taking note I lose…
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If you are currently working, what is your company managers attitude? A. Theory X B. Theory Y C. Theory Z
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#81. Avoid sarcastic remarks,#84. Forget the Joneses,#91 Don't let anyone ever see you tipsy,#97 Always have something beautiful in sight,even if it's just a daisy in a jelly glass.#99. Think big…
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Hi everybody!  I started the paralegal program in February, and it's going great.  I have been learning a lot and coming along well in my studies.  Im wondering if anyone else is taking the program?…
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Hey, I'm new and excited to start and be apart of this new family! Want to wish all the newbies like me good luck. (:
Hello everyone, This is my first week doing online class through  Penn Foster. I am so exited to finish and get my high school diploma. 
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Hello everyone today was my first day or online courses..... i took my first test just a minute ago, i got a 100 by the way!!! I am so excited to interact with people and get er done....but my…
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Can I get my next courses opened so I can work on them while I'm waiting on a book that has been backordered?
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