My son will be here really soon and i'm needing advise on how to juggle a new baby and school, any helpful thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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Hey, Just thought I'd check in and see who else in Maine is taking the Vet Tech Degree? I'm very new to all of this, I just signed up last night and I'm trying to get acquainted with the web site…
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     Good morning! I was looking over the medical terminology study guide while also studying my history and I was a bit overwhelmed with the amount of roots and affixes to learn. My boyfriend told…
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I have a chihuahua and she is four years old. i tried to get her registered.  What can i do?
I am king Drakefirex.       I am currently recruiting members: Needed: Knights,Blacksmiths,Archers,Cooks,Scouts, and Trackers.   Post a comment if you are interested in joining              …
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Going to bed. Goodnight my lovelies! Dream of shooting stars and delicious snacks! <3
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